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Do you have beautiful items that you love and would like to display but you are not sure how to go about it or rather the professional plan to do it? Well below are perfect arrangements when styling your shelves. It is not easy but when you find a way of doing it, it becomes interesting and addictive you just find yourself doing in now and then.

How to display items on shelves

We often display our best items so identify your most treasured items which should be your first priority since in most cases they have a story. And at least in case you have items on the shelf clear them and clean the shelves before arranging the items. Consider the right heights to place your items and so you can have the big items on the top of the shelves and this makes it effortless, simple and attractive

Avoid congesting the items because it becomes boring and they lose the function of being displayed and they seem less important. Make sure the shelves are spacious in such a way that you can land your eyes on any item and they also need space to “breathe”. After placing the important items fill in with very few less important items. It is better to use few large items which makes the shelf beautiful than using many small items

Use a color the matches your room two on three colors are enough and they should definitely work together. It would also be nice mixing up the textures while styling a shelf otherwise it will be tedious, a touch of wood, some glitters and something plain will be very compelling. Group similar items to avoid placing them all over the place and they are similar.


Shelves and bookcases are not designed for books only – they are actually very nice places to show off your items especially ornaments. If you follow the above steps on how to display your items be sure it will be good just keep it interesting and don’t be afraid of doing you mix the themes and design to get a perfect arrangement. For more information on how to cleverly display your shelves u can click the following link and see Tylko’s article: Enjoy!